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Are you a group or organization which values informative, fast-paced, authentic presentations which save time, money and foster growth, development, and success? Then book Jo Lena Johnson, The Absolute Good Resilience Coach for a Workshop, Keynote or Full-Day Productivity Session.


AUTHORity: 7 Keys to Writing and Publishing

AUTHORity: Revelations and Realities about Publishing

AUTHORity: Self-Publishing, Yes or No?


LEADERship: Teamwork, Community Building and Working Through Differences

LEADERship: From Conflict to Understanding

DIVERSity: Acceptance and Respect


INSPIRation: Being Resilient Through Change and Challenges

INSPIRation: You Are Brilliant, 7 Ways to Shine



Jo Lena Johnson, The Absolute Good Resilience Coach, is a dynamic and exuberant facilitator, international trainer and speaker who uses words and messages that change people’s lives. From teenagers to senior citizens, and everyone in between, the lives of tens of thousands of people who have heard her message have been uplifted.


She uses impactful words, words that embrace her audience and she gives them the choices to change, the action to keep the changes permanent and the hope that her audience has been looking for and is so deserving of.


Jo Lena is the founder of Absolute Good Training & Life Skills Management and a Leadership & Communication Facilitator who helps people to thrive in life, work, and service. Principle-focused, results-driven, and heart-centered, Jo Lena has affected numerous global leaders like FranklinCovey and the Starbucks Coffee Company and has taught over 100,000 learners worldwide with her no-nonsense and dynamic approach.


She helps you get real with who you are and who you want to be. Jo Lena customizes programs to help you overcome life’s challenges at home, at school, and at work.


Book Jo Lena Johnson by calling 240-644-2500 or by emailing

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