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“People don’t mind breaking others because they are already broken and we all know, misery loves company. Once broken, restoration is possible. I am excited to put the past where it belongs, because it has passed. But in between, a whole lot of holes happened. These are my stories of life, love, grace and resilience. By reading my chronicles, maybe you can get some perspective to help you with your own – or at least avoid some of my failings and shortcomings.”  - Jo Lena Johnson, Author, The Clean Colored Girl Chronicles

Peeling Through the Pain


With time, the layers are thicker, the contents more fragile.

Hurt is real and deep and festers when allowed to collect, rotting in your soul, mind and emotions.


Have you ever wished you could peel through the pain? Peeling hurts, too, because the infected areas become exposed. Facing exposure can be shameful, embarrassing and difficult. Yet peeling can be soothing as the core is safe, if you can get to it. The Clean Colored Girl Chronicles are stories from one woman’s life as she shares how relationships made her and broke her. As she learned how to navigate through being a daughter with parent issues, a black woman, single woman, dating woman, married yet unhappy woman, divorced woman and an entrepreneur, she is a clean colored girl, making it in the world. Trials keep you strong when you learn to endure them, and that she does.


Broken Conditions, Volume 1 of The Clean Colored Girl Chronicles highlights the author’s college years and chronicles key relationships, which lead to drama, adventure, hurt and poor choices into her 30s. See how growing up affects and influences almost every decision, relationship and behavior. When what she learned wasn’t working, she did something about it … sometimes!

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