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What Our Writing Clients Say About Us

Don't just take it from us, let our clients do the talking!
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“Words can't express the hidden hurt, pain, and heartache which enveloped my life for nearly 20 years until a divine connection was made with Jo Lena Johnson. I had been living a stoic life, bottling up my feelings. She sat with me, got deep in thought and listened to my stories; I remember her saying, ‘Anyone can write. I need to know what’s inside of you and why you feel the need to write it.’ Well, she got the story out of me and that day my healing began. Now I can feel and cry when I need to. Jo Lena provided impeccable services and guidance with writing my book!” - Beverly Dotson, MSW

“Mission Possible Press and Jo Lena Johnson are both creative and driven to get your book from written to published. Jo Lena and her staff of professionals provide top-notch editing, cover design, the use of social media, blogs, and marketing to make your book a success. Jo Lena will successfully guide you through the morass that is publishing in 2018.” 

- Mitch Margo, Trial Attorney

“Jo Lena Johnson went out of her way to help me publish “My Life’s Lemonade, The Bitter and The Sweet.” She traveled to my home in Illinois from Missouri sometimes 3 times a week to ensure I met the deadline I had set. She provided much feedback to pages I wrote in between her visits. She never complained if I had not written very much since her last visit. I had just had 3 major surgeries and was going through cancer treatment. She understood my deadline and opened her heart to understand my struggle. She walked me through what it takes to write a book knowing I had never done that before. She not only taught me about writing a book and what it takes to publish the book she encouraged me every day that I would beat my beast. I finished my book by the deadline I set and it sold over 1,000 copies. As for my deadline --- well I am 5 years cancer free. I made so many friends that continued encouraging me because of the time my publisher was willing to spend with me. I am writing another book now with no deadlines to think about.” - JoAnn S. Martin, Author

“It is my 'Absolute' pleasure to recommend Jo Lena Johnson. She is the consummate professional and problem solver. Her attention to the details and her enthusiastic approach is refreshing and much needed on complex projects. Jo is a natural born leader and any business partner/entity will be better for knowing and working with her.”  - Roslyn Patterson, Senior Account Executive, Ketchum 

“Jo Lena worked with our company as a contract trainer. The reviews from our customers were that they loved her. She was personable and seemed to strike a cord with them and their needs. I personally enjoyed my professional relationship with her and found her to be honest and principle-centered.”  - Jeff Gibbs

“I came out of retirement to write short stories. I’m thrilled to share Detective Paul White with the world and especially my former co-workers at the Post Office.”         - Otis Jones, Author

“Jo Lena is an extraordinarily talented individual with an innate understanding and appreciation of people. She’s dynamic, personable, authentic, and value-driven. She tends to be less consumed with theory and more focused on how to help people, teams and organizations in practical ways. I am confident that Jo Lena can add value to almost any project where strong interpersonal skills are needed to achieve desired results.”  - Zachary Hawkins, Executive Director, JPMorgan 

"Becoming a published author helped increase respect from fellow aspiring authors and fellow entrepreneurs. By showing that I could produce and publicly present a finished product, whether that product was good or bad, it inclined others to perceive me in a different light. Sometimes that perception was favorable and sometimes it revealed jealousy which benefited me in learning who and who not to collaborate with on future business endeavors. It also increased my confidence in and favorable perception of myself and my abilities, which greatly affects my interactions with others and my actions in my writing career and within other business ventures. 


Jo Lena helped me by providing an unbiased sounding/reflective board from which I was able to see myself and my direction from multiple views. This enabled me to correct errors, learn from them, increase my understanding of my course, and get closer to perfecting my path to reaching my goals. The overall experience of working with Jo Lena was extremely informative and essential to me becoming a world-renowned published author." - Steven Combs

“Jo Lena is one of the most outstanding professional talents I've come across. She is extremely gifted at helping organizations, teams, and individuals to unlock hidden and untapped potential. A highly strategic thinker, Jo Lena possesses a keen ability to see rich opportunities in seemingly the direst circumstances affecting organizations. Jo Lena Johnson is hands down, an A+ professional and a wonderful personality!”  - Michael Wotorson, Executive Director, Campaign for High School Equity 

“I worked for and with Jo Lena as General Manager at Absolute Good Marketing in Los Angeles. She was the CEO/Managing Partner and was one of the best bosses ever. We worked on a diverse group of marketing projects ranging from Courvoisier Cognac to music, events, and clothing. It was one of the most fulfilling business endeavors I have ever experienced as Jo Lena exhibited the ultimate in professionalism, providing of services, reliability, customer service, a keen attention to detail, and the uncanny ability to assist others in on-point concept, design/ development, communication and quality branding, marketing, and managing of events. She was a patient teacher when needed, and was a great listener when employees had ideas. I wholeheartedly would without any reservation recommend Jo Lena to you. I am sure she will be a tremendous asset to your business, professional development and/or company as an employee, consultant or trainer.”  - Howard Amos, General Manager, LDC Promotions & Management & Hoodrat Records 

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